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TANIN SEVNICA d.d. is a leading European producer of plant polyphenols. Since 1923 customers enjoy our finest natural products and for them we grow in our excellence incessantly. For the past twenty years we constantly follow the world progress and our own guidelines to produce the best feed additives for animals. Our plant extract (Farmatan®) rich in ellagitannins in combination with different additives (organic/inorganic acids, herbs, salts and glycerides of fatty acids) in some products also microencapsulated, makes a family of products specially made for different animal and customer needs. Our high quality feed additives are based on natural ingredients, carefully selected to support intestinal micro-flora and digestion. Precise microencapsulated form for optimal release of active ingredients makes better performance and animal welfare for highest profitability of production. We follow the guidelines of development in feed products confirmed with GMP+ , ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificate and work under HACCP guidelines. We deliver performance, animal welfare and satisfaction to our customers. Visit us at www.tanin.si.

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